How to add a blog entry to BVGB

Note that at the current time, only BVGB content writers can post articles. This will be changing in the near future. Keep an eye out.

*Advanced tutorials at the bottom

Here are the necessary steps:

1. Write an article using Word or another word processor. It's much easier to do the spellcheck and composition when you are in the native program.

2. Think up a good title for the article. For reviews and previews, make sure to include the name of the game and the system it was reviewed on. Also make sure to include the words "review" or "preview" in the same title. The goal is to make the title easy to read.

For example: Mercs 2 Review PS3 or Mercs 2 Preview Xbox 360

3. Put your new title into the "Add a new blog entry" box in right side navigation menu and click that button.

4. A new blog page will be created and you can "edit" the page to add your content. The edit box will have the following code at the bottom:


include include:footer

Make sure to leave the code at the bottom and just put your content above the dashed lines. The code is there to provide the comment and backlink module for that blog entry.

When you are done entering your text, the preview is going to show strange letters and numbers where the username and time will go. This is normal and will show up correctly when your create the page. If you can, please put a picture/video at the top of the page (in the first paragraph). Make sure the width for the front page picture/video width is no larger than 800pixels or it will mess up the blog formatting. This helps the article standout from a wall of text on the first page. Use the center code:

[[div style="text-align: center;"]]
[[embedvideo]]         or [[=image imagename.jpg]]

If you want to add pictures to the blog article, just upload the pictures by clicking "files" from the bottom menu and clicking upload. The pictures are uploaded to the specific page and can be attached by using the "insert image wizard" that is in the edit toolbar. The picture URL can be found by looking in "files"

5. When the blog article is finished, congratulations on sticking through the whole process. Make sure to tag your blog article with the "preview" or "review" tag. Also tag the page with the name of the console aka "PS3", "Wii", ect. For Media Gamer, tag the page with "media-gamer". The "tags" option is in the bottom menu and you can have multiple words with spaces.

Please look at the current articles for any formatting ideas or necessary code. You can do this under Options, View Source at the bottom of each page.

Keep scaled image dimensions 800 x 500 or less. This helps the pictures show up correctly. Scale using following code with images:

width="800" height="500"

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Embed Music Files To Pages

Add Extra Spaces to Pages

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