3D Page Tags

By BlueZeroBlueZero

This is the future of interacting with the Internet! Take a look at the page:

I experimented with the 3D page tag on the sidebar. To get it to fit, it was difficult to read the different tags and I did not want to reduce ease of use for the sake of using new technology. I did incorporate the 3D page tag after you click a tag. I left the old text tags there for people who don't want to spin the world to find the tag they want. Also, since the 3D tag using Flash, there is a large chance that people don't have the newest flash installed and it would be a shame to lose functionality to install the useful, yet spam worthy Flash.

On a brief aside: I don't have the knowledge to fix the side menu to not hide behind the main page. I think it is great that the side menu is dynamic, but I don't have the CSS ability to rewrite the code. I've messed with the coding and for now it will stay the same.

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