Advent Children Complete Review

By ShihnongShihnong

Advent Children Complete Review [Blu-ray]


Advent Children is part of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. It's set two years after the events of Final Fantasy VII. Advent Children Complete is the Blu-ray edition that adds an additional 26 minutes of new and revised footage. And it definitely feels more complete, but personally, the ending is just as lame (not the fight – just the resolution). The translations are different and superior to the original release.


*Spoilers for FFVII* - but not really because everyone should know this game by now.

Advent Children:

After the defeat of Sephiroth, the world is recovering from meteor. But a new plague known as Geostigma has appeared, and anyone who contracts it dies. At the same time, three grey-haired black-clad figures appear and not only search for Jenova’s head but also kidnap children with Geostigma. Cloud must save the children and stop these mysterious men who look like women, ‘cept one, from accomplishing their devious goals.


Complete adds more explanation to Geostigma and Cloud’s relationship with all the characters. There’s more Turks, which makes the movie infinitely better. And the final fight has an amazing addition. It's still nonsensical, however. It's just giant fan service.


Advent Children already looked amazing. Its graphics were and are still pretty cutting edge. HD and Blu-ray adds a new layer over the already beautiful CGI. Everything gains texture. You can actually see the woven quality of the cloth that covers Cloud’s arm. It’s amazing.


There’s some negligible extras. They really didn’t offer anything that extrapolates the story more. On the way to a smile provides a little more insight. But there are no deleted scenes (dur), and there’s no director commentary.


With a price tag like $29.99, it’s about as expensive as other Blu-ray movies.


Is it worth it though? If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy VII and have a Blu-ray player, you should get it. If you like crazy action movies, get it. If you don’t like either, avoid it. It’s definitely a fun rental, so if you have a copy of the original release, renting this one would definitely be a good call. It’s not entirely different, but there’s enough in there that it adds more depth to the movie and reworks some scenes. And the Turks are awesome.


3/5 Clouds - It's fun, some really cool graphics, but purely fan service.

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