Amazing Golden Sun Music Remixes/Remastered

By BlueZeroBlueZero

I love Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age. They are amazing RPGs with the best music ever composed on Gameboy Advance. You can listen to the original Golden Sun Soundtrack here and compare the remixes to the original. I will update this post if I find more music worthy of being shown off. Here are some of my favorite remixes:

The Sol Sanctum remix is actually hosted on OCRemix and I had downloaded the song before I knew that the author had a YouTube video. Kudos on capturing the feel of the song.

The Vale Remix

The Vale theme is good, but I wouldn't expect someone to remix the song on a keyboard and guitar and make it much more powerful. It is so striking that I had to include it to this music compilation.

Felix Battle Theme Remix

I am a really big fan of the battle music in both Golden Suns. While I like Issac's battle theme a little more than Fenix's, this piano version of Fenix is too good to not include.

Issac Battle Theme Remix

I added this song because I found it recently on YouTube. I enjoy the Trance vibe and the music deserves more viability as it only has 1,600 views at the time of posting. The song was remixed by David Escalante (Davirus). Since the song isn't performed live and there is just a static background, I'll shrink the player down.

Super Smash Brothers Brawl: Doom Dragon Remix

I have to end this post with the Super Smash Brothers Brawl remix of the Doom Dragon boss music. This is the final boss in the second game and the remix makes me yearn even more for a new Golden Sun. This song at 320kbps is godlike.


  • I decided to add a Golden Sun Music remix I found on Newgrounds. It's not a place that one would look for music remixes, but there is one that I will specially link to because there is no embedding. This is the Golden Sun theme for the game orchestrated.

The author Shandu has done an excellent job remixing Golden Sun music and this is my favorite from Newgrounds.

Congratulations to the individual artists who made these videos and to Motoi Sakuraba who created the music for the games. They are really amazing pieces of work and as a fellow fan of Golden Sun, I thank you. Please make Golden Sun 3 Camelot, I will go out and buy whatever system it is on!

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