Battlefield 2: 1.5 Patch Details and BF2 Gameplay History

By BlueZeroBlueZero

Now I understand what DICE said about the 1.5 patch for Battlefield 2 getting stuck in corporate politics. I imagine giving away the two booster expansion packs for free was a much debated move by EA who probably wanted people to still buy them seperately and use the EA Download service. Regardless, the BF2 1.5 patch gives away the Armored Fury and Euro Force expansion packs as well as adds a new level called Operation Blue Pearl. The people who made the video in conjunction with DICE really know the culture of BF2. More info to follow after the click but I must first say that is amazing support for a game post launch!

The link I am using to the patch is at the bottom of this patch release note analysis. Other details included in the patch documentation say that Battlefield 2 now supports widescreen resolutions. I am currently in the process of downloading the 2GB patch so I haven't been able to test to see if the game now supports my monitor resolution of 1440x900. I really hope DICE allows users to crank up the resolution beyond the 2048 x 1536 resolution so I can still be playing this game in the future when I get a super sized monitor.


Some of the main gameplay tweaks that I am glad that DICE has address is namely what they call "runway grieving". This is where one guy doesn't make it inside the jet and decides to stand in front of it so the pilot will team kill him. Hopefully now if the teammate is killed on the runway by a jet, it won't allow the person to punish.

Another huge update is that players can pass by claymores if they are going prone. This will be very important for the capturing the control points as they are usually well defended with claymores, especially on Karkand.

An update that I will have to now be aware when I play the game again is that going prone temporary reduces accuracy. I will admit that in the past, I was a person who would do dolphin diving with the cheap level 3 Medic weapon of the G36 E. If the triple burst hit a person, they were instantly dead. Deadly accuracy on the gun allow for sniping and being a medic class allowed for healing so dolphin diving was a viable strategy. I have moved toward move of a crouch dolphin diving style in the past to counter the now slow moving character stance switches.

A final note of patch I will address is that the developers are once again bumping up the power of AA to strike a small amount of fear into the veteran jet players. I doubt this will change the game enough as the jet masters are already able to sniper infantry across the map with the machine gun and drop tons of bombs all over the map while avoiding all kinds of hostile file.

As soon as I can get the patch downloaded and find my 5 CDs copy of BF2 (yes I got it when it first came out), I'll be testing out my old favorite shooter.

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