Blizzcon 09: Starcraft 2 Singleplayer Gameplay Video

By BlueZeroBlueZero

Starcraft 2 needs no introduction. Enjoy watching some footage of the Blizzcon 09 Starcraft 2 single player campaign in HD. This video is a good companion to Shihnong's hands-on Starcraft 2 impressions. Since he has already discussed the two sample missions he was able to play, enjoy watching the huge amount of Zerg that are on the screen.

I wasn't expecting the graphics to once again be more Starcraft themed than what I remember seeing with the first videos of green grass and cartoon graphics. The early gameplay videos reminded me of Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft and I am not a fan of those games artistic direction. This video is restoring my faith that StarCraft 2 will have a unique graphical look that is a good throwback to the first StarCraft.

The voice syncing for the portraits is excellent in this game. The characters' mouths are only moving when they are speaking. It's like we have technology from 10 years into the future. I liked the Terran's computer voice. She has a more British voice this time and that is always considered to be an upgrade.

You are hearing it here first, but expect to pay $60 dollars for StarCraft 2. Activision wants to make a lot of money from this game and they know that South Korea alone will buy millions of copies. It doesn't take a marketing or economic genius to determine that by setting the price at $60 for a PC game, that the demand for the game won't be highly impacted. Thus expect to part with $60. Moreover, expect to see a StarCraft Collectors version probably retailing at $100. I could see Blizzard including the Marine action figure into that version along with a few more goodies like an artbook and developer diary. Once the three games come out, expect to see an even larger collectors edition probably priced at $150 for all three games. In short, there is going to be a lot of money made when StarCraft 2 is released.

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