BVGB News: Custom Domain Transition

By BlueZeroBlueZero

Welcome to the same quality Biased Video Gamer Blog! I doubt you can even notice any differences as we are still clouded by our awesome opinions. My quick opinion injection before the news: I think Borderlands is an awesome game without seeing any marketing before the game came out! It's addictive and I've played it for maybe 6 hours split-screen on the PS3.

Anyway, I am attempting to make a custom domain for the blog instead of using that it as a URL redirect to the wikidot URL. Over time, this will become the main domain since it is better for search engines.

To sum it up simply: will transition to
Content and website design will remain the same!
The old domain will work for a while longer until I know what I am doing :D

The content will stay the same and we will still be on Wikidot servers for a while longer. If you use the old address, it will eventually transfer you to the new one. For now, both will go the same. Again, the content and look of the site is not changing so this really is only a minor announcement.

The address may not work for a while due to configuring DNS services. I've gotten it working and then later received a parked domain page. Once it is stabilized, we will move on from there.

On my favorite side notes related to video games:
I still can't believe I don't have my Resident Evil 5 review up. I'll just have to finish it and maybe forgo pictures for a while. I also eventually want to review Modern Warfare 2, Majesty 2, Batman Arkham Asylum and other games.

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