BVGB: Wikidot UI Failure

By BlueZeroBlueZero


Welcome to the new, uglier version of the site. Wikidot has rolled out the hideous toolbar at the top of the webpage for all non paying wikidot sites with no warning. This is a huge blow to my use of Wikidot as a home for my blog. I am deciding whether being held hostage by this toolbar warrants me paying $25 a year for a recreational website. For the time being, I'll sit back and see what the administration decides to do regarding the site.

The toolbar stands to undo the UI effort of all Wikidot sites. I spent a long time tweaking the interface to make it the most accessible for users to just focus on enjoying video game content. That huge bar at the top makes me want to escape this website if I were to visit it without my love and dedication for biased gaming. I foresee the owners of Wikidot reducing the FATNESS of the bar. Maybe they can not put spammy looking sites at the bottom of this site.

The good news is that free users now have forum signatures and that I can use custom favicons and URLS. If things really go downhill around here

The thought of completely vacating Wikidot has crossed my mind. However, I would have to remake the website using normal HTML and other coding like CSS from scratch. I'm too young and too rich for that :D That's why I drive a fast car and have 24 hour butler service to worry about my website. My dreams will eventually come true!

By all means comment about the site in the comments. Make your opinion heard.


Like I knew would happen, the Wikidoto Admin have decided to reduce the size of the bar. It now is better except now the bar is mapped directly to the top of the browser window. That's still no good.

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