Call of Duty 4 Lag - A Do it Yourself Guide

By Zott820Zott820

When I first played Call of Duty 4, I was impressed at the fluidity of the motion, guns dispensing their product, explosions and the characters dying, all in glorious 60 frames per second. Even today, the game impresses in that way.

However, in the time spent with games you often find ways to challenge their framerate, or even their stability. In the PC world, this is sometimes because your hardware doesn't meet expectations. The developers cannot prepare for every single possibility of hardware combinations. Usually the solution isā€¦upgrade your hardware or wait for a patch.

For consoles, it is the responsibility of the developer to make sure that the game runs fluidly in all situations before the game is released. The hardware is not going to change, and so they should know what is expected of them.

In the past I have found that particles, of which can be transparently alpha layered tend to be hard hitters for graphics systems of all types. You walk through the particles and the game begins to chug and groan until you peer out from the other side. Anti-aliasing on the transparencies just makes the framerate worse. Inspired, I wanted to find out of this was true for Call of Duty 4. I looked for a good place to try it out. Airdrops in multiplayer were good, but we could do better. The training ground with its threat-less environment and unlimited ammo was prime. Booting up the Playstation 3 version, I was right.

This works regardless of the PS3's outputted resolutions, from 480i to 1080p up-scaled. I'm unsure if it works on the Xbox 360 version. As for the PC version, of course, the mileage will vary. On a positive note, I couldn't get the game to freeze doing this. Some games like Smash Brothers Melee will freeze when overloaded, such as when doing the wormhole glitch. So it looks like it isn't really a problem as much as a quirk. The game does clear out bullet holes eventually and so there is a max to how many can be stacked on the vending machine. Happy candy-bar hunting soldiers.

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