E3 2014 Day 1: Five Most Exciting Announcements

By BlueZeroBlueZero
11 Jun 2014 06:36


Welcome to the official Day 1 of E3 2014. It’s Christmas Day for video gamers out there. This is the time period where developers unleash the torrent on projects they had to keep secret and tease everyone with tantalizing details. So buckle up and allow me to list my favorite five favorite announcements unveiled at E3 this year.

I am luckily not among all the masses at the Los Angeles Convention Center this year. I get to enjoy the constant flood of video, screenshots and developer interviews from behind a keyboard.

New Zelda Game on WiiU

A new Zelda game has been announced and it’s “open world”. This is all the Nintendo fans need to go into a year-long coma where they curl up with their Link blanket (or body pillow) and suck on their triforce pacifiers.


I’m okay with the graphical style being more similar to Skyward Sword. Unlike Space World 2000 where there was a bait and switch to the cell-shaded Toon Link, I wasn’t expecting the E3 2013 realistic Link to stick around. Nintendo doesn’t like realistic graphics because realism doesn’t match their usual whimsical use of color and music.

LittleBigPlanet3 on PS4

The biggest impact for me is they showed off new characters in the Sackthing universe that have unique traits. Plus the millions of user created levels are available at launch. The trailer makes it appear that LittleBigPlanet 3 has more than 3 planes of movement.
Is this game enough to get me to buy a PS4? Probably not yet.

Halo Collection on Xbox One

Okay so the Halo Collection is a mixed bag because I had a ton of fun playing the earlier games but I really shouldn’t go back and replay them again. The upside is that Halo fans get revived multiplayer for expired Live servers for Halo 1 and 2.

Pacman in Smash Brothers WiiU


Nintendo announced a new character as part of their Smash Brothers WiiU tournament at Nokia Theatre. Like the major video game outlets have stated, adding Pac Man revives the classic nostalgic for fanboys between fans for Sonic, Mario, Mega Man. Pac Man’s moveset is very reminiscent of Game and Watch with his A-Down ghosts appearing similar to the double potholes. Pac Man’s retro item moves appear to be very randomly powerful like G&W’s Judgment move. See Pac Man's reveal trailer below:

The Donuts in Battlefield Hardline

Now for the unexpected surprise. Battlefield Hardline reminds me a little of Pay Day 2 kicked up to the level of Battlefield explosions and action set pieces. While I was slightly interested in the gameplay demo of “cops vs. robbers, ” it was the end of the trailer that made me laugh out loud (6:15).

BattlefieldHardline-Donuts.gif GIF from EnjoyTheBits.com
“Hell yeah! Delicious donuts spotted!” Such a great line and fits the Battlefield motif perfectly. This isn’t the first time that a Battlefield game has had these spotting easter eggs. In Battlefield 2, there was an audio clip of “Enemy wheelbarrow spotted!”

What’s your favorite reveal or announcement at E3 so far? I want to know what you think since we all have our biased opinions.

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