E3 Day 1: Six Minutes of Pre-E3 Footage

By BlueZeroBlueZero


Biased Gamer was lucky enough to be able to attend E3 last week. We decided before we went we wanted to film and photograph as much of the action as we could. What you are seeing is exclusive, unique video footage recorded by us on the first day of E3. Everyone was so tired and busy after expo it has taken us until now to start uploading footage. After the click, take a look at our 1080p video of the Los Angeles Convention Center minutes before the doors of E3 opened on Tuesday June 7th:

Make sure to click on that 1080 instead of the default 480p. 1080p video took us a while to render and a long time to upload to YouTube. This 2.55 gig video took 5+ hours to upload on a fast connection.

We were all excited by being at our first E3 that we rushed all over the place with our handcam. The first minute of the video is the outside area around the NOS booth. Their DJ was competing with the kitty people dancing.After the first minute, we were on second floor of the South Hall convention center. You can really take in the amount of people filling up the lobby. At this time, it was probably about ten to fifteen minutes to noon when the doors opened. The footage where we walk in front of the stairs is a mere five minutes before noon so the staff were trying to clear the area so no on would cut the line.

The final portion of the video is near the foodcourt. There were a ton of people near that IGN booth and a lot of people standing in what appeared to be a Starbucks line. At the end of the video, you can see their attempt obscure the expo booths from snooping outsiders before it officially opened.

Stay tuned as we continue to slowly assemble our E3 footage and photos. There is a lot of good media and we had a lot of hand-on opportunities to preview new games.

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