Emulated Super Smash Brothers Brawl 720p

By BlueZeroBlueZero

Here is what Smash Brothers Brawl looks like at 720p when emulated on a computer. Notice that I embedded the HD version as the default so you are experiencing the highest resolution without doing anything. YouTube is most likely not capturing the beauty that is raw 720p footage. I've embeded the YouTube HD video that has become popular (it isn't mine) but it most likely doesn't reflect a true 1280 x 720p movie. Go fullscreen to get the best picture:

It seems that the developers for the Wii emulator named Dolphin were able to finally get Brawl running in a playable state. My brief investigation of the site found that only the PAL version of Brawl is working and before the update, only event mode worked.

Anyway, I love Smash and I think the advancement of Wii emulation is very impressive. The next step is hacking the coding to allow for custom characters with skins, unique movesets and custom stages beyond the level creator.

Smash Brothers Brawl HD Screenshots by Cataferal via NeoGAF forum

Updated to include amazing screenshots posted on the NeoGAF forum by Cataferal
The original thread can be found: here. Note that these pictures are 720p 4x AA.


Here are some more pictures from user Cataferal, this time in 1080p: (Right click and view image to see full resolution)


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