Fanime 2010: Exciting Nintendo Cosplay

By BlueZeroBlueZero


This will get Nintendo's attention!

Every self respecting video game nerd dreams about beautiful gaming women who dress up as their favorite video game characters. Luckily, it's the role of conventions to bring the fanatic masses together with the dedicated cosplayers. I was at the recent Fanime convention taking tons of pictures with my friends. Continue on and take a look-see at our Fanime 2010 cosplay gallery:

It's difficult to organize the absolute splendor surrounding the Fanime convention in San Jose which went on May 28th to 31. With this being the first anime convention I attended, (I grew up with the censored Pokemon and Yugi-oh style cartoons) I did not know what to expect. My rationale for going was I wanted to see which video games were going to be represented since I have always assumed anime converges into video games. The Fanime crowd really knows how to do cosplay justice!

Enter the Fanime 2010 Video Game Cosplay: Nintendo Pictures

The Legend of Zelda:

Anyone can try and dress up as Link, only a few succeed. Dark Link here shows he is pro. Superb makeup, red eye contacts and metallic Hyrulian shield reflecting the light.

Introducing Captain Falcon:

Captain Falcon gets his own category due to being such an epic character. Gaze at the true glory of the one and only Douglas Jay Falcon.


This man is truly the stuff of legends. It was difficult to believe this seems to be the same person who set the precedent for Captain Falcon cosplaying. I didn't take a photo of the back of his costume but take my word it is authentic with the number "7" and the right icon.

My friend was able to take pictures of what I call "Child Captain Falcon". He stayed in character and only spoke with Captain Falcon's sayings like "Yes", "Show me Ya Moves".


Smash Brothers:

These costumes were created using a range of detail levels. The other Smash Brothers characters were represented above. (Toad isn't in Smash but the person was wearing a g-string if that's a consolation price). Speaking of revealing clothing, Zero Suit Samus and Pikachu have teamed up to prevent Solid Snake from completing his mission. Wait until I post the other Snake pictures.


Ah Misty has a chance to catch a Red Gyarados. At least this Misty wasn't the Trap Misty (guy cosplayer) carrying Togepi in the chest area. The Shy Guy Cult was also out to convert con-goers to a silent life behind a mask.

There is so much more to show. Continue to the rest of the Fanime 2010 Cosplay Media. It includes Street Fighter, Team Fortress 2, anime characters and much more!

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