Fanime 2010: Anime and Video Game Cosplay

By BlueZeroBlueZero


After some unacceptable delays due to E3 and six hours of press conferences, I've finally had some time to upload the rest of the Fanime 2010 cosplay images. As promised, here are the rest of the video game as well as anime costumes. Take a deep breath and enjoy the second part of our gallery.

I've finally uploaded 50 images in this post from the Fanime convention! This post took a long time to create because Wikidot's image uploader was always encountering an error when I upload more than one file at a time. Please fix this Wikidot, both Firefox and Internet Explorer have this issue. The current unsorted gallery is at the bottom. The images will be sorted in the following categories:

Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead:


The paper plate with the happy face adds a lot to the Spy costume. A few minutes later, a female Red Scout has knocked out the Spy Crab with the boxing gloves. Nothing unusual in the Valve universe.


No wonder the Blu Team lost, it was composed entirely of Scouts and Spys! I can't comprehend the power of the left Scout's hat since I am getting a Scribblenauts vibe from it. I was taking a picture of someone behind him and he said "If you are going to take a picture, do it right." So then I said "Ok, then the other two Scouts get over here." Thus, this picture was created.

Now for two characters who were destined to meet surrounding the sandwich.

Enter the Burger King and the Team Fortress 2 Heavy. The King lives on providing burgers to people by force and the Heavy brings the heat. The Heavy will trade in his Sandvich for the Burger King Whopper. This is a marketing move made in heaven.


The Reenactment of Bill's Death


The best part about this pic is that normally cosplayers count down so people know when they are going to walk away or change poses. With L4D, it's ironic here because the other people counted down from 30 and it made me thing of the bleedout in the game when your character is about to die. These people were on top of their characterization with pill bottles, first aid supplies and more.

Fighting Games:


Mmm, Bison is taking on the double team while standing firm.

The teams are assembled, the battle is ready to begin.


Final Fantasy:

No Phoenix Down is going to fix this problem. Sephroth's sword was very long and it was difficult show this effect in the first picture. Final-Fantasy-VII-Cosplay

Anime Collection:

Yes, I won't be able to identify some costumes since I don't want a ton of animeā€¦ Card Captor's Sakura is below as well as Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood.

As you can see, there are some lookers in the bunch. Soak up these two women along with Cammy, Lara Croft and the other hot costumes.

The Teen Titans are here except for Cyborg. Of course you can always click on these pictures for the super high resolution versions!

Valkryia Chronicles:



I don't know what was going on here except the person on top had Top Ramen and Inyuasha was ridden like a horse while the person on top held out the box. Yeah, it was so weird that I couldn't imagine this stuff up.

Star Wars:

Even Storm Troopers love Mudkips. A few minutes later, they were arresting con-goers who wanted to test the might of the Republic. These Storm Troopers were authentic with voice boxes and correct movements.

There is still tons of extra pictures to see since this post is too long as it is. Please check out the rest of the pictures in our Gallery!

*Some images provided by my friend MrBiggMan66

The Nintendo cosplay images are in my prior post. Visit for a partially warped view of our favorite characters. Fanime 2010 was a lot of fun and I look forward to future anime conventions. Leave comments and feel free to identify cosplay I missed or mislabeled.

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