God of War HD PC Emulation Videos

By BlueZeroBlueZero

Take a look at this very nice looking video which shows God of War II running in what appears to be 1080p or higher. You are looking at what God of War III should look like on the PS3 if the development team could have pumped out a true 1080p PS3 game. Thanks to the magic of emulation, games like God of War II can go beyond their normal 640 x 480 resolution and still look amazing.

Well, since Sony is remaking God of War and God of War II in 720p for the PS3, it only makes sense that I look into what the emulation scene is able to achieve. Do note that the YouTube uploader had to use a video recording device so his framerate took a dip from 60FPS to something around 20. The person must have a beast of a computer in order for the game to still be very playable while recording the gameplay video. The person also uploaded the original God of War emulated on PC.

This video shows that the emulation for GoW is not perfect at this point. There is missing narration in the introduction video and there are a lot of jagged edges from particles. I decided to include the original because I can't say no to the hydra boss fight being included at around the 4 minute mark.

In conclusion, the God of War II emulation is dead sexy. For the record, I own both God of War games on PS2. I was actually playing God of War II as I wrote this post. The HD release of the two games is excellent with the promised 720p and locked 60FPS along with trophies. I am not sure if I will be buying the remake since I can't stomach going through the first game on the Hard difficulty and passing those annoying challenge rooms.

The HD God of War videos is what will have to keep me excited about God of War III. With the game coming out in March, it's going to be a while before Kratos can "finish the fight" against the Gods and Titans. Feel free to tell us your thoughts about the franchise in the comments.

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