Golden Sun 3 DS E3 Trailer!

By BlueZeroBlueZero

The Glow of Golden Sun DS at E3

Words are a very difficult way to express my emotions surrounding the announcement of the third Golden Sun Game for the DS. I knew Camelot was working on it, but I needed an official announcement to know it existed. I am a rabid fan for Golden Sun 1 and 2. Golden Sun 3, with the announcement of 3D graphics, will truly be a representation of what the DS is capable of and set the bar for years to come. Here is some analysis of the trailer:

Click below for super high resolution concept art


First, this looks like a new area not from the first two games. The graphics are hard to judge from the low quality of the trailer but the 3D graphics range from poor (the door of the house) to amazing (the summons). The setting for the game seems to be ruins. I'm not sure if Issac and the gang are going to hunt down Alex underground or what the plot is.

I just know that Camelot can do a lot more with the DS hardware for audio. From my point of view, the music in the trailer was nothing special. Probably because it is in low quality and the music is a repeat from the first and second games. Please bring full orchestration to the game Camelot. You do wonders with synthesized music, but go the extra distance and make the audio something special that people won't have to remaster.

The person walking around the 0:10 second mark seems to be a new character or else it is Felix looking much different from the prior games. It is also possible that it is Issac since between these scenes the person has a scarf like Issac's. The person around 0:22 is Issac from the trademark blue clothes and yellow scarf apparel.

The summons at the end of the video look like they are still rendered in real-time like in the prior games. I see they have brought back classic summons such as the woman firing the arrows. Except this time they have upped the ante with much more arrows being fired.

Concept art is created by Camelot, makers of Golden Sun. Rumor has it that the characters shown are decedents of the original party.

Golden Sun DS E3 Gameplay

(Old gameplay video was taken down, found another one)
The person recording the video is put off by the battle being automated and toggles the power in what seems to be internal frustration. I'm not sure if I like the new summon effects prior to showing the summon. There really isn't much for me to comment on further from the gameplay video other than I hope Camelot doesn't force a lot of touch screen usage.

My E3 dreams have been furfilled! Thank you Golden Sun and may you rise again!

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