GoldenEye Rogue Agent Trailer Appears Better than Game

By Zott820Zott820

Firstly, watch this trailer:

Now, Let me tell you all the reasons that this video is better than the actual game that came from it.

  1. The main character has some kind of face. He is actually a person that matters in the game.
  2. The graphics are kind of simple, but although simplistic they still carry points for having more detailed environments than the actual game.
  3. Crushing sound of the guy's fingers sounds like it hurts. In the actual game it is a soft, fwamp, that sounds like kicking a football, not breaking bone.
  4. This guy is EVIL. He throws a guy into fire! Not only does that guy break his legs from the fall, but the he burns to death. Furthermore, the guy looks like James Bond! When do I get to kick James Bond's butt in the game? It certainly isn't during the helicopter scene, since he dies anyways (and yells if you shoot him down). This mysterious character also punches a guy into a shark tank. When did the game have an awesome shark tank? I mean, the game had a shark tank level, but there weren't any man eating sharks in it, removing the prestigious badge of "awesome". The enemies in this video take friendlies hostage, or so it looks. In the game they only take enemies hostage. Wow, smart move, take a guy hostage who I as the player was going to kill anyways. Atleast in the video it makes it seem like the player doesn't even care about the friendly, and decides to shoot him anyways.[This picture seems to confirm]
  5. Rarely anything good explodes in the game during gameplay. I certainly wish I could have exploded a helicopter by lighting a fuel trail. I could feel like Wolverine from Xmen Origins.
  6. The player can absorb a boatload of bullets with his goldeneye power. In game if he took even a second of that fire, he'd be dead.
  7. In Air Fragmentation grenade? Where can I sign? Unless he is blowing up a guy with explosives attached. Then kudos. Unless that is a hostage with explosives attached. Then especially evil kudos!
  8. Guys have wicked sunglasses.

What sucks about this video which the game got right:

  1. Simple graphics and textures are better in game.
  2. The main character during the first part facing M has his head jerk weirdly. I believe it was green-screened in. I don't recall it during the actual game cutscene being that way.
  3. Better shooting animation, and better shooting sounds.

Anyways check out a screenshot gallery here:

Notice how a lot of the pictures appear to be in-production photos. This is especially apparent by the shadows and texturing. The texturing is very poor, but the shadows are soft, and resource intensive. This means that the photos were likely taken in an unfinished/ overly expectant rendering engine.

Also, you got to actually fight Oddjob.

Try and find one photo that doesn't look more exciting than the actual game, I dare you. Post a comment with the offending photo.

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