Grand Theft Auto IV - Roman Bellic, Call Me Maybe?

By BlueZeroBlueZero
26 Jul 2013 01:39


If you played Grand Theft Auto IV years ago, you would have been introduced to Roman Bellic, the cousin of the main character Niko Bellic. Do you remember know how excited he was when Niko stepped off the boat at the beginning of the game? Let's explore the annoying world of Roman Bellic's "Roman-isms":

"Niko, my cousin. Do you want to go bowling?"

"I'm a little busy right now Roman…"

Repeat that conversation for the many hours of Grand Theft Auto IV and relive the early two thousands when people first starting using cell phones. "I'm going to call you just because I can call you. Hey Ma, I'm right next to you talking to you on this new cell phone technology."

The worst part of the cell phone gameplay mechanic is when you decline the invitation or the call is interrupted by real world events like getting ejected from the windshield, your relationship score goes down with the character. I wouldn't care except I was getting so many calls from Roman that his relationship score was suffering from all the rejections. When I would go to all the work to actually accept an invitation and completed it, the score would barely increase.

Enjoy this fan video that YouTuber miracleofsound created parodying the constant badgering of Roman:

Rockstar is either luckily brilliant or very lucky that they have crafted a love/hate relationship with Roman. When Roman calls calls to ask your character to go out drinking, it's hilarious to see Niko and Roman's drunk walking. Yet going on most other adventures with Roman is extremely boring and lackluster. No wonder he has no friends, he owes everyone money from going out too often to clubs, bars, fast food restaurants, ect. Let's hope that GTAV will remedy the cell phone calls happening every few minutes.

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