Madworld Review (Wii) Abridged

By Zott820Zott820

Note, This review is not the actual one. It covers all the stuff, but is tremendously cut. I suggest reading the actual review, but since I do know it is quite long, enjoy this short "joke" review. Check out the actual review here: Madworld Review Wii

I rent game b/c heard 4 hours. Minimal investment.

Beat game once on normal; 5 hours.

Story: Jack kill people. The End. Lingering voices;duty, honor, policy. NO, #1 = killing.

Graphics: NO progressive scan?! Blasphemy. 21st century fail

Eye popping graphics. Welldone B/W JFO, some yellow. Maybe Increase eyesite

Minor slowdowns. Cutscene = remove enemies then reappear.

Repetitious animations. Smash helicopter 5 times? ARG!

Enemies: Kill enemies in interesting ways. You is on TV.

Enemies vary on levels.

Theme levels make ninjas + space guys. They like Special attracting items.

Minibosses: Some hard, some easy, immediate problem.

Bosses: Punchout style if you want to win. Your Lives = 2 normal, 0 hard. Respawn = enemy keep damage. Nice. Punch or Chainsaw, good either way.

Power Struggle = chance for carnage damage.

Ways to kill: You have chainsaw = 1 hit kill. Avoid, kill more better ways. A= fist kill, B = chainsaw kill. Special is nicer.

Not unlimited killing instruments. :(

Handheld weapons: Each level maybe 1-2. Usually club or dual knives. I disliked both. These bored me. Level specific items: both good and bad, want on all levels.

Every level has Poles, barrels and rose gardens. Up to 5 in head. Combo with flaming barrels and dumpsters.

Annoying garden roses, must repeat animation 3 times, no no no.

Throw into things = cool/useful. Make cool deaths / save time.

Black Baron and the Bloodbath Challenges: The Black Baron, pimpin pottymouth.

Running killing gag = entertainment.

Bloodbath challenges, slice up main game, sidequest is good. Creative and unique.

Control: Waggle = not overloaded, enough. Sometimes, hard to get B when waggling.

Jack Bike Missions = limited in scope and fun. No Mario Kart

Taunt button = meh

Music: Hiphop and rap. Not Sonic Adventure 2’s Knuckle Bad. Some catchy.

Yo Yo Yo, have an example.

Sounds = decent. Wii-Mote sounds = good addition.

Voice Actors not bad.

Commentary: No lols but witty. Greg Proops and John Dimaggio = :D.

Repeating dialogue. Repeating dialogue repeating dialogue. Not enough for pickups. :(

Conclusion: This whole review is the conclusion.


Check out that link for an unofficial version of the script. Check it out if you want to see what the commentators are actually saying.

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