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By BlueZeroBlueZero


There comes a time where I have to honor gaming traditions. Killer Instinct is a gaming tradition for me since it represents a mastery of fun 2D fighters. RARE managed to create a game where a robot, an animated skeleton, a ninja, and a black boxing champion can fight in a tournament much cooler than Mortal Kombat. Evil corporations like Ultratech are much cooler than different realms fighting with magic. Killer Instinct is possible in the future, Mortal Kombat's magic isn't.

I started my Killer Instinct by playing the gameboy version that was packed in with the gameboy for a while. With only two buttons and a D-pad, this was a much more simplified version of the arcade Killer Instinct (which I didn't play at the time). I choose to use the cheapest characters because when I was younger, I didn't have time to learn a million moves. So I choose to use the skeleton with his powerful foot thrust attack and button mashing with Sabrewulf (the wereworlf). Most of the AI couldn't handle me spamming these good moves. I was actually able to defeat the game on the hardest level by utilizing the Sabrewulf's spin/roll moves repeatedly.

I next moved to playing the arcade versions of KI. I couldn't believe how silky smooth the animations were. I was spoiled because I played KI2 before I played KI in the arcades.

Next I was able to play the N64 version called Killer Instinct Gold. It is basically a poor man's Killer Instinct 2, with worse graphics and other things removed. Understandable due to hardware limitations. Still a lot of fun to play even with the poor layout of the N64 controller for fighting games.

Ultra Combo!!!!

The arcade version came with the amazing announcer who would let the entire arcade room know that you just got hit by an "ULTRAAAAAAAA´╗┐ COMBOOOOOOOO!!"

Now, please allow me to introduce the Ultra Combos for the SNES version of the game below. Notice the background music for the video is from the Killer Instinct Killer Cuts, and the name of the song is the Instinct. Killer Cuts is the album that ScrewAttack raved about in their top video game music list. I have to agree.

C-C-C-Combo Breaker

Are you guys ready for the combo breaker? This move is a trump card that prevents your character from getting hit by almost never ending combos from the opponent. Don't want to be humiliated by an Ultra Combo? Then just make sure you know how to do a Combo Breaker!

Here is not one, but a dual combo breaker. It's magnitude is unmatched in announcer glory.

On the Gameboy, instead of the awesome voice, the player hears a sound effect to signal that the combo was broken.

Since there is a boxer named TJ Combo, here is some TJ Combo gameplay from YouTube user Santora2007. There are a lot of Combo Breakers performed on both sides. If you want to jump into the action, you can start watching the video around 3 minute mark. If you want the most combo breakers, skip ahead to the Fulgore fight after the skeleton at 4:30 for back to back combo breakers by the computer. This causes the player to cheat the AI by abusing his moves.

I personally hate Eyedol, I'm glad that the player pulled off some great moves against that beast. It's no fair that Eyedol can recover HP by stomping the ground and has overpowered moves.

Sometimes TJ does the Ultimate Combo Breaker. Oh noes! My Combo has been broken. I got a laugh out of these short comics.

Amazing Killer Instinct Music

Welcome to the world of Killer Instinct. It has a main theme so catchy that people play the game just to hear it. I am partial to the gameboy one since I grew up on it even though the arcade versions have the better quality music. The thunder at the start of the Gameboy version set a great tone. These intro themes can't be rushed into, they must be enjoyed in their entirety.

Killer Instinct Gameboy Theme

Killer Instinct Arcade Theme

Killer Instinct 2 Arcade Theme

Killer Instinct Gold (N64) Theme

Better yet is that there are are many very catchy tunes, too many in fact to list since the soundtrack is a supreme victory for RARE. I like Sabrewulf's and Orchid's.

Orchid's KI2 Theme

Glacius' Killer Instinct Theme

Sabrewulf's KI Theme

Amazing Killer Instinct Music Remixes

My favorite Killer Instinct Remix is the remix of Glacius' theme by Bionickz Beatz. Excellent mood and has a very edge feel. Nothing short of amazing!

Killer Instinct Glacius Remix by Bionickz Beatz

Killer Instinct: Orchid's Breast/Boob Fatality

Let me end this post with what everyone wants to see: Orchid's Breast Fatality.

My favorite responses are Fulgore's circuits being fried, Orchid getting upset at being flashed, and Spinel's eyes coming out of their sockets. TJ Combo can't touch that.

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