My Holiday 2011 Video Game Wishlist

By BlueZeroBlueZero
13 Sep 2011 06:43


Without a doubt, there are so many games coming out at the end of this year. Here is my list of all the games I want to play this holiday, but won't have the time due to being busy. What games are you guys most excited about this year?

They are in order of release:

Gears of War 3: September 20th


Yes I want to play the new Gears of War game since I have played the previous two and they were enjoyable. I haven't been keeping up-to-date on the latest news; the last thing I remember hearing is there are now female Gears.

If I had to improve on the expected gameplay, there needs to be special moves added for Hoard mode. Who doesn't want to see character specific moves like Coletrain spiking a grenade into an enemy, passing an enemies head to another player or jumping aboard his train ala Egoraptor's Gears of Awesome. I want the game to realize it can't take its self and plot serious when Marcus and Co. can just brush off bullet holes with a revive.

Resident Evil 4 HD: September 20
Yes, as one of the biggest RE4 fanboys, this is one of those games which I have to mention, even though I most likely won't play it. I've played it enough, the HD doesn't look "HD" to me and going back and playing it after Resident Evil 5 makes me miss the "Straight" action command. Priced at I believe $10 on both XBLA and PSN, this is a good value for the 4 people who haven't played the game.


Batman: Arkham City: October 18
I really enjoyed Arkham Asylum and from my E3 behind closed doors demo, I will be playing this game. Since I have some notes written down from E3, I should save them for an actual dedicated post. Fun fact: Did you know Nolan North is voicing the Penguin? It's like for once he is actually a voice actor instead of Nathan Drake.


Battlefield 3: October 25
The big kahuna returns. The Battlefield series has always done FPS multiplayer better than Call of Duty. I'm hoping the game will be more balanced and require more skill than the classic grenade spamming. I have big questions requiring big answers. Are jets returning? Will the Medic class still be godly? Is there still a Commander, team punishing and the ability to drop jeeps?

A quick synopsis of Battlefield 2 for people who didn't play: Battlefield 2 has/had overpowered jets which could literally do everything in the game because the people driving the jets were incredible. Want to take down another jet? Nah, I want to snipe infantry on the ground with the miniguns. Could you provide cover while I capture the point? Nope, I've got it covered while I hover in my jet and capture the point for my team. Enemy tank? Of course not, you just dropped your payload two seconds ago and have already boosted back to base to refill ammo and now are spawn camping the enemy base.

Console versions? Never going to sacrifice 32v32 battles, graphics and large multiplayer maps.


Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception November 1
This is another game where I intentionally avoid most trailers and plot points so the game will be fresh. The plot can be so out there I won't mind. Here's my very believable plot from the first two games as well as a possible forth game detailing the early years of Nathan Drake as a circus performer:

I trust Naughty Dog so much I would buy Uncharted 4: Clown Circus Adventure without hesitation or Drake's fear of clowns. Perhaps in my game the truth that Nathan Drake is a robot/cyborg will be revealed; Drake 1.0 was created and raised for the circus trapeze act and general acrobatics. After one close call involving the circus clown's juggling interfering with his trapeze work, Drake fell 5 stories and managed to hang on to the edge of the circus tent support. Thus Drake realized his acrobatic feats were beyond human and he left the circus to test the limits of his mortality. But not before fighting multiple clown bosses and becoming Donut Drake, the worlds fattest acrobat.

Now you understand how Drake is able to jump upward more than his own height while hanging on to a ledge the width of a piano key. My story also explains the glaring flaw of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves of how Drake was able to do so much climbing on frozen ice surfaces. He was wearing no gloves and his hands should have been extremely number and useless. At least in Tibet, Drake met Tenzin, another cyborg like him.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: November 8
I got to play it since it's Modern Warfare 3. I have low expectations for the single player game. I assume more nukes are going to go off and all the characters you play as will die at some point in the game. I'm still disappointed all the cool people left Infinity Ward and created Respawn Entertainment.


The multiplayer is the reason why people will play the game more than 6 hours. I'm pessimistic because in every Infinity Ward Call of Duty game there are unbalanced aspects. Call of Duty 2: Bolt-action guns, Gewehr 43 and laggy smoke. Call of Duty 4: MP5, P90, M16, M4, RPD, grenade launcher, half-second scope sniper technique gun, martyrdom. There are so many in Modern Warfare 2: All explosives (mm grenade launcher), RDP (again), Dual 1887 shotguns (pre-patch), Commando, Commando, Commando, ONE MAN ARMY! Also the Domination mode turned into "Get the Nuke first"

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim November 11
Not much to say here except it's Elder Scrolls, the game with infinite replay and mod-ability (on PC). This is a must buy for the choir songtrack and the ability to take on dragons. I want to same story and enviroment quality of Morrowind, the better combat of Oblivion without its stupid enemy auto leveling system. I have no hesitation of dropping my $60 for the PC version even though PC games should be $50.


Assassin's Creed: Revelations: November 15
So many questions I need answered. Why did so-and-so die, is there alien magic at work and will Desmond ever climb the future New York buildings and jump into a small haystack? Maybe the Templars learned to always put traps in hay piles or they just made all hay instinct with science.

So Enzio is going to be doing his own animus thing to explore Altair's past. Gentlemen, we have entered an Inception type moment where Desmond exploring Ezio's history of Ezio exploring Altair's history. My body is ready.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary: November 15
I demand to know how the developers are going to handle the health system. Are they going to stay accurate to healthpacks or are they going to pretend Halo 2's shields were always there? I know some of my friends are going to get it so I look forward to reliving the fun of the first Halo with a lot of multiplayer tinkering.

Saints Row: The Third: November 15
My most wanted game of this year, possibly even more than Skyrim and Battlefield 3. The pre-order trailer with Professor Genki was the icing on the cake (even though the pre-order stuff should be in the game originally…)

We now return to "Battling Seizure Robots"

The gameplay of Saints Row 2 was soooo much fun and I loved the humor which was a throwback to Rockstar's GTA humorous undertones. Saints Row 2 was the game GTA 4 should have been. Extreme customization, better combat, better driving, helicopters, silly minigames, gang recruiting and an overpowered pimp cane shotgun. Plus they had Michael Dorn, the voice of Worf from Star Trek, play the leader of the Brotherhood.

For Saints Row: The Third, I was sold in a matter of about 10 seconds when Volition showed off their first gameplay demo and the character stylishly just beat up a random pedestrian.


The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword: November 20
It's Zelda and it explains what happens before Ocarina of Time. Nintendo totally explains the wings on the logo and other things. My guess is Ganon is able to crash the sky realm into the place we now know as Hyrule. Err, it's a console Zelda, I'll play it eventually. I'll probably wait a long time before I play it since it's surprisingly low on my list of games to play and it is also coming out too close to Thanksgiving where I will already have so many other AAA games to play.

After such a large wall of text, I am interested to know which games you are looking forward to this year and early 2012. Let me know in the comments.

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