Pokemon Gangster Rap: I Choose You PokeDollar

By BlueZeroBlueZero
15 Sep 2011 02:11


Every once in a while, Generation Y looks back on their childhood and remembers how Pokemon defined it. Then after a nostalgia overload, they will do one of three things.

  • One: Continue looking for a job.
  • Two: Play the newest Pokemon games and complain how it was so much better with 151/251.
  • Three: Continue to live in a fantasy world in their mid-twenties and create an awesome Pokemon video.

My friends, we have a number three on our hands:

This (NSFW due to lyrics?) video does a decent job interpreting Pokemon meets underground fighting. Just look at everyone fighting for the top 1 million pokedollars.

I had to laugh when Team Rocket said they were there for Pikachu and Ash said, "He's mine." I guess Ash is just as blind as Brock. James knows how to hold his gun gangster style while Ash really doesn't care. I'll give big props to Misty for "I catch them all like disease on a pornstar" and for Brock keeping his eyes closed and "Ladies pretty, I go dumb."

Who else thinks the plot is actually really plausible in the world of Saints Row meets Pokemon?

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