Resident Evil 4 Epic Game Moments

By BlueZeroBlueZero

With my obvious love of Resident Evil 4, I had to include 2 videos which represent some epic moments in the game. Plus, my Resident Evil 5 review for PS3 is very tardy and I still don't have good images to put with the review. Thus, enjoy watching Leon do some Matrix level moves and Ashley taking care of herself for once.

Leon sure knows how to be epic. Lasers are no problem for him. I remember this room for the sheer awesomeness of Leon's moves. He is able to air dodge the lasers with precision. The only way to top this performance would be if Leon took out his knife and sliced through the lasers. I didn't realize that the chair is a homage to Castlevania. This would have been more apparent if Leon wondered "what is a man doing resting here?"

Now it's time for a suplex done right! Who would have thought this would have been possible?

Ashley attended one hour of the Secret Service Elite Course while Leon took an entire week to get up to speed for his trip to Spain. Ashley can now defend herself with some hands on "overtime".

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