Resident Evil 5 Racist Alternate Story

By BlueZeroBlueZero


So as I was writing my Racist Review of Resident Evil 5, decided to write a better story for the game. This improved version tries to fix all the flaws with the original story like generic bosses and uninspiring narrative. Again like my review, Resident Evil 5 SPOILERS coming up. Do note that I am discussing culturally sensitive subjects and more use of the African culture in the game would have been better for the game overall:

As you can see from this early E3 video, the game looked pretty vicious. There were tons of villagers attacking Chris with throwing hatchets and pushing him violently around. Also notice that there were women in the crowd!

Original Racist Debated Video

New Resident Evil 5 Story

If I had to tweak the African elements, I wouldn’t be afraid to head toward the cultural heritage. I would probably include some blood diamond plot as a cover for mining operations for more advanced Plagas. The white terrorist selling guy would be portrayed as very racist and brutal. He could smack a few people around and attempt to conquer a few cities/tribes/part of Africa. You know the part at the beginning where the guard guy feels up Sheva? Yeah, real storytelling would actually show it. He would naturally be killed by Africans after they harness the new Plagas and infect themselves as a form of control which would be an interesting way for Africans to reclaim their homeland and pride after years of enslaving Imperialism. Then, you introduce a strong African leader (male or female), like Kirk, who needs to correct the injustice against his people. (Sheva never really feels powerful, which I’ll explain later) This leader would face off with the white people (Weskar, the terrorist guy, and the BSAA) as well as the Africans who would betray their country for profit. I would be okay if Kirk later got a virus similar to Weskar which would raise the stakes. I mean, if Kirk became arrogant like Weskar and his powers didn’t become teleporting like Weskar, then he would be a believable new villain/anti-hero.

The outcome of the both storylines remains the same with Weskar dead except he doesn’t die in magma, he is overcome by the power of teamwork with the knife teamup scene ending his life. Jill is actually part of the final battle against Weskar instead idiotically leaving it to a mini hulk and a proper English woman. Weskar dies with the combat knives stuck in his body, going through his exposed body cores. He is dead except Weskar never dies because he had injected himself with another serum on the bomber to only feign death like always. Perhaps the volcano decides this is the right time to start exploding due to Uroboros being absorbed.

On the enemy side, I would remove the stupid “bat/scorpion” boss since it poorly designed and very boring. Plus the music is really annoying for the lackluster boss Only Uroboros (on the ship deck) and Weskar were original, exciting boss fights. There were too many variations of Uroboros in the boss fights. Uroboros are just black worms that can control humans; I only need to fight it once. I hated how you had to fight the recycled boss El Gigante on the car turrets; this made the fight less dynamic compared to dodging trees in Resident Evil 4. Replace him with an African shaman woman who controls a human looking boss made of shrunken heads and different patches of skin. Expect to see a golem creature made of dirt as well as a throwback to the Legion boss from Castlevania or the golem could be similar to El Gigante if you can actually move around. You would first have to defeat her “human” corpse animated by the Plagas/Uroboros before you fight her next creature. I want to see a lot of corpse animation (resurrection) made possible by Las Plagas and blood diamonds. I would be fine if she showed up during the course of the game with new “magicks” aka bosses. Therefore, Excella should have been a shaman/elder but still have a scientific background mixing the two cultures.

If the game threw in children who were infected, like an diary article alludes that they were, then the game would get so much criticism but it would be more realistic. If the game included infected babies, I don’t think there would be much backlash since Dead Space was able to do it (I got a laugh out of Issac drop kicking the baby aliens). It worked for Dead Space, I don’t think it would work for Resident Evil. If the designers included pregnant women who were infected, this game would be boycotted internationally and reach a level of infamy beyond of ManHunt 2 and GTA San Andreas’ Hot Coffee. I personally don’t see a reason to push the envelope by including pregnant women, but I could see it being a memorable boss fight, perhaps optional so Chris can actually show some emotion.

Racial or Gene Superiority?
Resident Evil has always been about human surgery and experiments gone wrong with a virus as the catalyst. If there truly were no bounds on story, the AIDS epidemic in Africa would play a fitting role for pharmaceutical companies like Tricell to deploy supposed AIDS vaccines. Therefore as part of an experiment, some people would die as test subjects, some would be cured from AIDS, and some would gain extraordinary strength/abilities. Capcom decided to shirk away from the cultural history in the development of the game. In doing so, they made the story all about Weskar and his worldwide cleansing of non-infected creatures. This racial agenda alone should raise the political correct (PC) flags more than a white Chris shooting African zombies.

Lack of Emotion
Chris should also feel a little bit of morality choosing a side that will hurt the African population in the process of healing it from the biological terrorism. If not Chris, then Sheva should be saying SOMETHING about how she has to kill her fellow people in order to justify her losing her family to a biological outbreak. In my game, there needs to be some buildup for Sheva’s loss by having her as a playable character at the start of the game futilely trying to save her family from white invaders instead of a biological outbreak instigated by the white Tricell corporation. Maybe even if you beat the game, then Sheva can save her family with the New Game+ due to her increased strength and moveset. In this case, she saves her family only to have Kirk die. There always has to be a tradeoff. Then Kirk is replaced with her brother if she has one, setting up a slightly different story line. Either that or we get Jill as Chris’ partner for this extra mode.

New Exciting Elements
The new game could take more inspirations from Hotel Rhawanda and less from Black Hawk Down. It’s just a passé trend now that a helicopter in Resident Evil is going to be shot down. If your main heroes are in there, it is invincible. If a no name person, sans Mike, is in there, it’s going down from a little tap of anything, biological or otherwise. Regardless, I wanted more violence in the game that would make me cringe in the same way that the acid death in Resident Evil 4 made me feel. It makes you feel mortal like Leon instead of a superhero Chris pumped up on steroids who can’t even be bothered to show his head being chainsawed off.

*Image from Official RE5 Site

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