SlapChop TeamFortress 2 Scout Ad (NSFW?)

By BlueZeroBlueZero

TF2 Scout Advertises SlapChop

Mmm, Team Fortress 2 and Vince Offer share a lot of in common. They both are very outspoken and have some great catch phrases. The video above by CastingOutTheSelf converges real life with video games. I encountered the video on Kotaku and knew that it deserves even more widespread fame.

Slap your troubles away with converging universes and a great remix after the click.

Meet Vince and His SlapChop

This was the best video I could find that felt like significant effort was made to merge SlapChop commercial with Meet the Scout. This video is by XxXMewSasukeKunXxX and needs some love.

SlapChop Remix

The SlapChop Remix is some great work. The song is very addictive, which is probably why it has almost 1.5 million views in a very short time.

The Internet craze over SlapChop/ShamWow and the mouthpiece Vince Offer is a really great fad. The man makes even more waves with his somewhat recent domestic disturbance with a hooker and his attempts at speaking Spanish to hit another market.

Vince Offer's ShamWow and SlapChop Spanish Ads

Llame ya!

Someone has been practicing their Spanish more since the first ad. The SlapChop is much better for pronunciation and flow. Vince is still miles away from authentic speech.

In conclusion, I am a fan of this fad. Mixing Team Fortress 2's Scout and Vince is a match made in heaven. Art imitates life, life imitates art. I am completely ok with that and I want more Scout and Vince related content. It's the hip Valve fad.

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