Team Fortress 2 Spy and Pyro Shocking Discovery

By BlueZeroBlueZero
03 Mar 2010 05:08

Before you watch this video, do not that it takes a while to get good and then REALLY GOOD. If there was no amazing payoff at the end, I would have turned away within the first two minutes. Trust me, you want to watch the entire thing. For the original higher quality video by, visit Spy and Pyro TF2 Flash Video

The pace of the video starts with a simple cartoon intro and builds momentum to something glorious at the end. Expect lots of throwbacks to other fan videos, TF2 memes being referenced and the ultimate explanation of video game characters. Necessary commentary after the click!

First, note the reference to the TF2 Fan video featuring the Engineer and addictive toast song.Engineer Toast Video. You can never get enough toast. At 1:46 in the video, the pressure reads an interesting level. Some might say the PSI was OVER 9000, because it was! When you get to 2:22, the Spy's face has traveled to anime land.

Moving ahead to 2:41 shows the amazing wedding being performed by the crazy priest from Half Life 2. Maybe since the Soldier won the Soldier-Demo war of 09, he was decorated enough to be the Spy's Best Man. The Pyro appears to be related to Chell's sister and the Witch from Left4Dead2. In this scene, we notice that all the Red Team are related to the Half Life and Portal (aka other Valve games) while the Blue team only has a Vortigaunt from HL2. At 2:47, we notice the Blue Engineer is recovering from being toasted, Chell proves the Cake is Not a Lie, and the cake has the flamethrower and spy gun united. The cake is also blue, red, and pink! At 2:52, the author has high hopes for Alyx and Dr. Freeman to tie the knot. This is impossible because Gordon Freeman doesn't say anything so he has no way to say "I do". They drive off and kill Frogger; they reference Frogger in the credits, otherwise I wasn't sure what it was.

The Honeymoon speaks for itself. The Pyro is dark skinned and is somehow huge even with her small stature. I was expecting the author to reveal the Pyro being male. Achievement Unlocked: Love Machine with a screw, haha, how clever.

The pregnancy section is the best part. We hear some of the best fitting music; it is both uplifting and cartoony. The gravity gun and the plunger were enough to deliver the baby. At 4:28, we get the reference to the awesome pic of the Spy having far too many cigarettes in his mouth. I believe the first appearance of this was from this Mock Meet the Spy Flash. I really though I posted this video on the blog but I couldn't find it. Anyway, 4:52 explains the entire creation of Spyro, the merging of a Spy and Pryo. There are now officially 4 teams: Blue, Red, Purple and Pink (Cupid who won the game).

There should have been one more plot twist at the end like the Red Pyro is actually a Red Spy. There is plenty of time to extend the story but it really did all it needed in 6 minutes. Overall, really enjoyed the work that went into this Flash video. After watching it, I am left satisfied and desire to post this last video:

Scout Goes to the Doctor NSFW Video

The art and audio speak for themselves!

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