The Benefits of Bias

By BlueZeroBlueZero


Bias is generally regarded as a bad thing for video game writing. Reviewers start writing about the game they think they are playing based on which side of the “console war” they are currently supporting. Fanboys get cranky and fling the mud of “bias”. Those of you lacking a keen sense of irony may find yourself wondering you would come to our biased blog when we will be doing the same thing. Allow me to provide you with something resembling a mission statement:

We here at Biased Video Gamer Blog figure that bias is only dangerous and harmful when ignored, but once acknowledged, it becomes funny, fun and exciting. Bias is like a one sided battle; where one player has the star, the hammer, the boost, the invincibility code, the limit break, the combo breaker, aimbot, or Ultimate Summon. You aren’t going to win and reach the finish line of “objective” opinion. We have learned this and have taken a step forward that frees our ability to write the way we want to without the threat of conforming to video game company powerhouses.

Instead of calculating a game’s score to the arbitrary decimal or percentage point, we explain what we like about the games we play, what we don't like, what our history with the series is, and how playing made us feel. Rather than giving you relentlessly contemporary coverage on the latest games to hit the market, we will passionately reminisce about our favorites and wildly speculate about games which won’t be out for years to come.

And how can our own opinions be wrong? This is why we invite you to join in the bias and share your own side of things. Welcome to the most refreshing video game site on the internet. Let there be video game bias!

Article made possible by substantial work by Sarcasmancer

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