Video Game Menu Music (Part 2)

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22 May 2009 04:35


Hello all, I’m here again to bring you some fantastic video game menu music. Like I mentioned in the last entry. Good menu music should make you feel prepared emotionally for the game ahead and sometimes set a standard for the series’ theme music.

With that note, away we go.
EDIT:6-5-09, Embedded the music in high quality for your listening pleasure.

Killer Instinct II (Arcade/, [N64?]) [Character Selection]

This song has similar feelings of the Battle Tanx one, rugged and down to business. Heck, its also longer than the 5 second Marval Vs Capcom 2 one, so it definitely wins there. Not a whole lot to say about it except it kicks butt.

Super Smash Brothers Melee (Gamecube)

Yes, you are all probably sick of this song from hearing overt he countless hours of Melee that you and your friends have squandered. (Heck I heard it every day at college.) However, the first time you start the game and bring up this menu song, you are enticed into the fast paced world of smash

Wolfenstein 3D (Mac)

While first out on PC the Mac version brought a bout of improvements, not limited to graphics, but to audio as well. Here’s an example of the remedy prescribed, and boy I liked it. Instead of a midified PC speaker beeping at me, I was rewarded with a triumphant clanging of a bell, to which I proudly started the game.

Unreal Tournament (Dreamcast, Playstation 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360 Mac)

This menu song isn’t so much a song, but a song of the series. I picked this particular version as it seemed to have the nicest balance of soothing sounding instruments (in this case not modified) as well as a sturdy beat. Da na na na, da-da-da naa-na-na-na wee wooo.

Mario Party (N64)

With a series as well developed as Mario, he has the ability to take chances now and then with ideas for new games. He dominated platforming, then he progressed to sports games, got some brawlers in there and eventually he took over the party game market. Anyways, the music talent in all these games are usually above par, and with an already defined theme, risk can be taken elsewhere with music, jazzing it up with the Mario tune to keep it with character. That’s what happened here. A new game, no real background, throw in a sweet heart pumping title screen with a Mario diddy at the end and blam-o you got yourself a nice spicy gaming sandwitch.

Gauntlet Legends (N64) [Character selection]

This theme didn’t start with the first game, but once defined it improved the musical score dramatically. This theme was not used much throughout the game, but here on the character selection screen you have amble time to absorb the glow of this saucy theme. Enjoy its triumphic stride.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask (N64, Virtual Console, Gamecube)

An interesting tune that starts out casually, as the town folk go about their daily chores, and turns devious as the dark antagonist is reveled hovering of their daily dallies. A break from the usual Zelda score, and a beautiful piece. Would be nice to see a harp version, though I’m sure a fan has already done so.

Morrowind (PC, Xbox)

A theme that starred first here and was going to continue over to Oblivion but instead only transferred in essence. It is quiet, and not boastful like the Oblivion title, instead relaxing you into the world of Tamriel through its sudden rise and fall as though breathing. You can relate to this soothing song can’t you?

Bonus: Unconfirmed - Supposedly was to be the original title for Oblivion, it has much more in tune with the original Morrowind title, and so I place it here for additional enjoyment.

Pokemon Trading Card Game (GBC)

You can’t expect too much out of 8-bit audio, but whoever did the music for this game managed to squeeze out enough juice to make something sound good. Sort of gets you in the mood to, I don’t know, press the start button? I remember waiting through the company logos just to hear the music play again.

Rayman (PC, PSX, GBA)

A great sidescroller with great music overall. The menu music here isn’t super stunning, nor adrenaline pumping, it has the zainy feel of the game though, especially when the trumpet gets all jitterbuggy

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