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Gamer Review is where true gamers review video games. We don't review every game that comes out, only the ones that we care about. This page is in progress as we don't rush reviews. In time, it will be filled with awesome biased reviews that are not influenced by publishers. There are no scores, just the honest truth!

One of our goals is to review some of the older games that still can be enjoyed today. For example, we are going to do some legacy reviews our favorite classic games in the future. Be on the lookout for them.

Dragon Age: Origins Review (PC)

By Zott820Zott820
18 Dec 2012 01:15


Dragon Age: Origins is a third-person perspective RPG with a strong story and dice-rolling combat mechanics. The story summarized follows the origin of a Gray Warden recruit as they form an army to battle the Darkspawn, a terrifying savage foe. Along the way, the player recruits other characters to join them in battle, with four at a time on the field.

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Wreck-It Ralph Movie Review and Cameos

By BlueZeroBlueZero
02 Nov 2012 04:52


Considering the movie Wreck It Ralph takes place in an arcade universe and features arcade and video game character cameos, this was enough for me to review the movie. I’ve waited until near when the movie launches tonight to post my review, so there will be lots of movie plot spoilers going forward. Insert coin to start:

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Bastion Review (PC)

By Zott820Zott820
27 Aug 2012 05:16


Bastion is a near-perfect game. A wonderful masterpiece, who's gameplay is tarnished only by a couple gameplay problems that shall be covered shortly. Even with those, Bastion represents a must-play on anybody's gaming list. I first became aware of the game when I heard glowing reviews of it and its narrator. This narrator would craft the world of the player's actions through his charming interludes. I was interested, but not enough so to purchase the game. I was more intrigued by Indie game Braid, whose time manipulation seemed better for my style. The narrator was also ruined by my watching of videos such as "Skyrim: Bastion Narrator Edition" which combines said narrator with Skyrim. This video does not do the world of Bastion, nor the narrator justice. It is the culmination of its vivid graphics, unique sound, and that narrator that come together to make Bastion worth playing. A humble bundle allowed both Braid and Bastion to come into my possession, and by the end of it, with nearly three completions, and 16 hours in the game, I believe Bastion has come out victorious.

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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Review (Wii)

By Zott820Zott820
09 May 2012 06:55


Congratulations, you have just arrived in Skyloft. This cozy island in the sky will be your worry-free home for the rest of your life. Under the watchful eye of The Goddess, citizens fly around on giant birds, sell items at the bazaar and run ordinary lives. Then BLAM, the game begins.

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TRAUMA Review (PC)

By Zott820Zott820
01 May 2012 23:02

I received the download version of Trauma as a bonus buy when I purchased the Frozensynapse Humble Bundle. The game wasn't even on my radar, but now possessing ownership I felt obligated to suck the value from the item.
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