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Morrowind Overhaul Mod (PC)

By Zott820Zott820
06 Apr 2012 06:11

One day I was browsing YouTube and I came across the above video. I was stunned. This could not be Morrowind! The graphics in the video show an enchanting world with depth of field blurring, pervasive foliage and silky water effects. The water effects even looked superior to Skyrim's (Which I'll admit isn't that hard since the water in that game is quite ugly for its age). It was only when I recognized the buildings and the characters that I realized that this must be Morrowind. A heavily enhanced Morrowind.

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Media Gamer: Quantic Dream's Project Kara

By BlueZeroBlueZero
12 Mar 2012 06:08


It's less than three months before E3 2012 and I'm sure everyone is excited about a new generation of hardware being announced. There will probably more information about the WiiU and some whispers about the new Xbox console while Halo 4 stands in the spotlight. Sony currently has the new PS Vita available and most likely will not be talking PS4 anytime soon. Luckily I recently saw a really cool tech demo supposedly running in real-time on the Playstation 3 named Project Kara:

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Media Gamer: Castlevania Death Boss Surprise

By BlueZeroBlueZero
12 Feb 2012 08:02


If you are like me, you love the handheld Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow almost as much as its sequel Dawn of Sorrow. Well if you were me, you would be gushing over Castlevania: Circle of the Moon on Gameboy Advance, my first Castlevania game I played. Anyway, the series if known for its punishing bosses that push the player to incredible levels of frustration. Enter this remarkable YouTube video by ZSlyer where he faces Death in Aria of Sorrow. Can he defeat Death? You'll be shocked at the answer:

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15 Hours of Skyrim Told Through Screenshots

By BlueZeroBlueZero
08 Dec 2011 05:47


Skyrim is one of those games where everyone loves it because the world is huge, objects can be interacted with, people say strange things and there are like infinite quests and things to do in the world. For my first 15 hours in Skyrim, I decided to take some in-game screenshots when I noticed nice graphics, unique glitches and epic moments. Yes I know 15 hours is nothing compared to some people, I've been really busy recently. The screenshots are native 1440 x 900 recorded on High graphics settings; I've changed the default .bmp to JPEG be more web friendly:

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Pokemon Gangster Rap: I Choose You PokeDollar

By BlueZeroBlueZero
15 Sep 2011 02:11


Every once in a while, Generation Y looks back on their childhood and remembers how Pokemon defined it. Then after a nostalgia overload, they will do one of three things.

  • One: Continue looking for a job.
  • Two: Play the newest Pokemon games and complain how it was so much better with 151/251.
  • Three: Continue to live in a fantasy world in their mid-twenties and create an awesome Pokemon video.

My friends, we have a number three on our hands:

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Anime Expo 2011 Cosplay Photos

By BlueZeroBlueZero
02 Jul 2011 18:43


Another year, another Anime Expo. For Anime Expo 2011 I decided to go on Friday July 1st. This was my first Friday and I wanted to see if there would be a difference in the number of cosplayers as compared to the weekend. Enjoy the photos we took of the cosplayers and the random wackiness which always happens during Anime Expo. To see the full gallery, click the image gallery link at the bottom of the page:

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Team Fortress 2: Meet the Medic Again

By BlueZeroBlueZero
24 Jun 2011 02:48


Thursday is the magic day where the Meet the Medic video has finally been released for Team Fortress 2. There really isn't much to say before you watch the video so please watch it after the click. I'll also give some brief analysis of the video which may include things you missed as well as what it means for the Team Fortress universe:

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