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Scribblenauts Suggestions

By SarcasmancerSarcasmancer
25 Sep 2009 10:58

Scribblenauts is a good time waiting to happen, in small plastic cartridge form. Touch-only controls do hamper the experience an appreciable agree but… I already wrote this review. Read it if you want, but I’m coming to you today to share some occasionally useful (but more frequently amusing or impractical) words for fellow starite hunters. Figures that the guy who usually posts here about books would be going on about a game you play with words. This is not a guide or a comprehensive list by any means, nor has it suffered any stronger scrutiny than my own personal observation. In other words, it's just for fun.

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Recommended Reading for Gamers: The Annotated Alice

By SarcasmancerSarcasmancer
28 Aug 2009 22:46


If you think deeply about videogames, consider them philosophically and conceptually, you should read Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. Yes, the ones written by Lewis Carroll over one hundred and thirty years ago. No, I’m not joking. Yes, I am sober. No, I’m not running out of ideas. And believe it or not, this recommendation has absolutely nothing to do with Burton and Depp’s upcoming Alice movie. I admit, this recommendation may not be for every gamer or even for every average gamer. Usually I try to recommend titles I think the average Joe Joystick will find entertaining. This time I'm aiming for something a little higher; a box of brain candy for all the level designers, game developers and gaming critics out there.

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Recommended Reading For Gamers: Ender’s Game

By SarcasmancerSarcasmancer
23 Aug 2009 18:55


Do not judge the book by it's hideous 1970's cover

If ever there were a book for the video gamer and the video game generation, it is Orson Scott Card's Ender’s Game. I’m almost hesitant to recommend it since the odds are strong you will hear about it somewhere else if you have not already. Some of the high schools nearby are even putting it on summer reading lists; typically the sign of a dry, yet morally wholesome experience. I would also like to point out, straight away, that I am not a staunch opponent of Orson Scott Card’s political opinions or his bigotry toward gays. Despite this apparent three strikes, the book remains an astonishing piece of literature and you should read it.

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Recommended Reading for Gamers: Altered Carbon

By SarcasmancerSarcasmancer
12 Aug 2009 20:50


Fans of military intrigue, hardboiled detective stories and Sci-fi will be hard pressed to find a better read than Richard K Morgan's Altered Carbon. I realize there are plenty of books which fit that bill, but the unique technological twist of Morgan's world is really what recommends his book to gamers. The story is set in a psuedo-dystopian future where death is a thing of the past. Peoples memories and consciences can be completely digitized and downloaded into different bodies. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to have extra lives in real life, this book is for you.

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Recommended Reading for Gamers: World War Z

By SarcasmancerSarcasmancer
04 Aug 2009 02:14


World War Z
Zombie stories and videogames go together like butter and bread. A few oddballs don’t care for it, but most of us agree that it’s a solid combination. I would even argue, with apologies Romero, that video games are even better suited for telling zombie survival stories than movies. The only thing more immersive than seeing the zombie hordes as they close in on you on screen is being forced to fight them for survival. Frankly, books are the last media (behind games, movies and graphic novels) that you would want to experience such a story from.

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Ghostbusters: The Video Game Multiplayer Review

By SarcasmancerSarcasmancer
23 Jul 2009 23:30


As I have written on my blog, Ghostbusters: The Video Game is a success as both video game and an installment in the Ghostbusters cannon, even if you have no intention of touching the games multiplayer component. After two weeks of playing online, I can tell you with confidence that the multiplayer is good too. It’s not must-play, but it is both very unique and very polished which is incredibly rare for licensed games which are usually formulaic and slipshod.

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By SarcasmancerSarcasmancer
23 Jun 2009 12:42

Final Fantasy VII vs. Final Fantasy IX


With excitement mounting for Final Fantasy XIII (Lightning has invaded our title banner!), it seems appropriate to examine the long running series’ highest and low points. I could approach this discussion in my usual formal manner, but BlueZero recently remarked that for a biased video game blog, our site could use a little more bias, so I’m going to take a sharp turn down the perilous path of personal opinion. Sit back, buckle up and enjoy the ride cupcake; You're in for one hell of a rant.

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FEAR 2: Project Origin (PC) Review

By SarcasmancerSarcasmancer
25 Mar 2009 20:31


FEAR 2 is a solid shooter and decent sequel, but it improves the franchise by inches and ends up feeling very familiar. It’s a decent title, but by no means a must-play.

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